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Mr. Will B. Spectatin’

Olney Enterprise Columnist

Losing Builds Character

While watching the downfall of the Varsity Cubs on Friday, I saw and felt a lot of disappointment. It is hard to take a loss when so much heart is put into the game, but a loss is not completely negative. A loss is an opportunity to grow in many ways, such as character, strength, humility and heart, to name a few. This is true in many things - not just a high school football game. The key is to get back up and keep fighting. Learn from a mistake and come back wiser, stronger and with more confidence, knowing that you gave it your all to the very end. Some at the game may have seen a loss, but I saw determination, old-school grit and, most of all, heart in these young men known lovingly as the Cubs. They did not quit or lay down knowing they would, most likely, not be able to mount a comeback in the fourth quarter. They fought on through to the final seconds. I say to you, Cubs: hold your head high and walk with pride, knowing you gave it your all. Look forward to your redemption next week. We are proud of you Cubs! Fight Cubs Fight! #getyourpawsup This is Will B. Spectating saying, “See yah in the Friday night lights.”

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