A Mile Down Main Stree

A Mile Down Main Street

I have enjoyed discussing my 5 a.m. appearances in the middle of Main Street almost every morning. The people who recognize me asked, “What the heck are you doing in the street so early in the morning?” One lady visiting her daughter stopped me on my way back home, and she asked if my walking was part of my regular exercise regimen. But I do not think of my early morning walks as exercise. Instead, I have convinced myself that I am casually walking a mile down Main Street.

If I thought of walking as exercise as I have done in the past, I would find every excuse in the world to avoid doing it. I have always been an athlete, but I have never enjoyed the workouts required of athletes. I’m not alone with my disdain toward exercise. Some studies show that at least 90 percent of people quit going to the gym within three months of joining. Surprised?

I’ve used just about every excuse to justify quitting exercising. My catalog of reasons includes exhaustion, working late, inadequate time and it hurts too much; The list goes on. Therefore, a few weeks ago, I decided to replace the words workout and exercise with the word active. I have adopted an active lifestyle. Consequently, my walk down Main Street is not exercising; it is my time to clear my head, my time to pray, my time to think about my purpose for the day ahead. Also, I walk or bike to work when possible. Since I have shifted my perception, I have grown to love being more active.

I hope those of you who have negative thoughts about exercise, like me, will change your perception and be more active. Perhaps you could start with something simple like walking the dog and progress to walking or biking to work. Living an active lifestyle is terrific for your health. I am feeling better than I have felt in years. Other things contribute to my well-being but being active is the No. 1 contributing factor.

Stop exercising and start leading an active life. Although I frequently change my routes, if you see me out on Main, or in the park or neighborhood, you’re welcome to join me on my 5 a.m. walks. No killers, robbers or stalkers, please.

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