A Message from Dr. Jeremy Johnson Hospital Board Candidate - Vote May 4

With the election for Olney Hamilton Hospital Board on May 4th, I have been asked a bunch of questions from our hospital district citizens. I have been practicing in Olney since 2010, so I assumed everyone in town knows all about Dr. Johnson – but I was wrong! I will answer a few of these questions to help clear up any misconceptions.

#1. Do you still work at Hamilton Hospital?

YES. I am on call for medicine once a week and one weekend a month. I do a 12-hour ER shift every week and a 36-hour shift once a month. I have also delivered babies and performed surgery since I resigned from working in Olney Family Clinic back in September. I work as a private practitioner and bill for my services separately from Hamilton Hospital. In the ER, I am employed by Concord Medical Group.

#2. Do you still live in Olney/Hospital District?

YES. My wife and I, Trina, continue to live in Olney right outside of town. Our kids attend school in Olney. We attend church in Olney at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church. Trina grew up in Olney and we consider it home.

#3. Why do you want to be on the hospital board?

When I resigned from employment at Olney Hamilton Hospital/Olney Family Clinic, I felt like there was a communication gap between the practitioners and administration. I believe that as a board member, I will be able to understand the point of view from a business/leadership aspect and the board will understand my point of view from a medical/ care provider aspect. Hopefully, this mutual understanding will lead to improvements in the public’s overall healthcare.

#4. Are you qualified to be a board member?

YES. I am a tax-paying citizen in the hospital district and not a current employee. I have seen over 30,000 clinic patients, 3,000 ER patients, 1,000 surgery patients, 300 obstetric patients since starting in 2010. I believe that I provide a unique perspective on rural medicine in Young County.

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