Letters to the editor

Hamilton Hospital and the Olney Family Clinic are important to our community. The hospital recently stated they spend over $5.7 million per year in payroll dollars, see over 18,500 patients per year in our clinics, and saw over 3400 patients annually in the ER. The hospital also boasted of employing four physicians. They have gotten rid of two as of date.

The very popular and loved Dr. Johnson is one of them. The people I have talked to about his leaving are planning to follow him to where ever he is. One man said, “well I guess we will just have to pack up our boys and head to Graham to see Dr. Johnson.” That is the response from his patients. Dr. Johnson has a personal relationship with his patients which is hard to see these days. There are numerous stories about his kindness and generosity to so many people in our town and surrounding areas.

The medical community in Olney has a long history of being the best around the area. When I was in high school I worked at the Lovett-Meredith Clinic in the summers. I typed and filed. I was amazed to see all the people from such a wide area as patients. Two hundred miles was not uncommon. Dr. Johnson is one of the reasons the clinic and the hospital have returned to having such a good reputation today. I have seen our young doctors and have thought how proud Dr. Meredith, Dr. R. E. Lovett, and Dr. J. P. Lovett would be. The elders did not always get along, but they worked for the good of Olney and the good of our medical community. Dr. Johnson took a stand against a clear injustice towards Dr. Agarwal but his opinion was just dismissed. Dr. Johnson is man of integrity and has handled problems with mercy and grace.

People all over Olney and Facebook have been asking why this has happened. My thoughts, as well as numerous others in Olney seem to think it would be more beneficial to look into different management than to give up our trusted and beloved physicians. We feel the board did not take into consideration the people of Olney. Also, it is hard to believe our hospital board is not doing everything they can to keep them. After all, the doctors are the most important factor in having a good clinic and hospital.

- Judy Averett


To whom it may concern:

As a tax payer who has spent 12 years serving ona hopital board of directors, I find it very troubling to witness discrimination and personal bias on the part of the local hopital administrator and board of directors. Olney’s progressive approach to medicine has been admired by many in towns who are in dore need for modern medicine. Doctors all have finished medical school and passed their tests. Only a very few possess the compassion and the love for a community that will last for years. Now I cannot fathom seeing a group destroy just everything that has taken years to develop. It is much easier to hire hopital staff and elect board members who will discharge their duties in a professional manner. Dr. Jeremy Johnson is one who has all the talents to brin Olney into the future. Thousands support him and love him. The citizens cannot lay back and act like pawns. You must be heard.

Olney Hopital Board:

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- Ed McCluskey

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