Kyle's Corner- July 7

I hope everyone had a great Independence Day and was able to spend it with their family and friends. The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Some of the reasons that make it my favorite revolve around pyrotechnics, barbecue and family, but the main reason is the celebration of independence and liberty.

Independence Day has been a federal holiday in the U.S. since 1941, but the tradition of celebrating the holiday goes all the way back to 1776. The Continental Congress approved Independence on July 2, and the Declaration of Independence was adopted officially on July 4.

Independence was a radical idea. Many of the colonists and top thinkers of the time did not want complete independence from Britain. The ability to convince the masses that it was worth it is what really makes the holiday all the more special.

The struggle to maintain constitutional principles and to keep the torch of liberty lit is a constant battle in this nation, however, the enduring principles the United States of America were founded on remain prevalent.

Those principles can be seen in innocent children and in the kindness of a neighbor lending a hand. The true American spirit has been seen during tragedies when citizens band together for the common good. Unity is not something that can be forced. However, organic unity is a beautiful thing that allows us to collectively remember who we are as a people and what it is that binds us.

Many times people latch onto symbolism and get caught up in the pageantry. Blind patriotism is something that dissuades people from reflecting. It is important to reflect upon where we are now, and where we were at the founding of the country. One will find that there are many advances in present day America, but one will also find that the nation might have lost itself in other ways.

Reflection is necessary for the soul, and with hatred and political polarization very prevalent in present American society, we are at a point of both reflection and inflection. There are always opportunities for improvement, but it is important to hold true to the founding principles of this republic, and work together to maintain it. 

Presidential election years are brutal and this one has been one of the most bizarre. As we reflect upon Independence Day and what the republic means to each of us as individuals, it is my hope that together we can collectively work to end divisive rhetoric and to work harder to build bridges with one another.

There are ways we can all do this. No one has to agree on all of the issues, and the only person that will ever 100 percent agree with you, is yourself. When we have disputations amongst friends or neighbors, look for common ground first. Build from the bottom and then iron out the details.

Being hateful and getting caught up in the moment takes American society away from the primary goal of being free, and liberty is what serves as a beacon in the night to rest of the world. 

Individuals shouldn’t shy away from discussion either. As a society, we will never solve problems or attain solutions if we don’t have the tough conversations first. There has to be a way to have a better discourse.

It is so easy to be a few degrees off the path and to end up in a totally different direction. Finding that compass, and directing the course back on path is all it takes. 

On the other end, I hope everyone celebrated the holiday with great joy. The American experiment has been a success. Since 1776 the United States of America has accomplished a lot and promoted liberty where others have failed.

Look forward America, with confidence and grace. Our best days are not behind us. There is a sense of blind optimism that has enabled us to achieve more than we could have ever imagined. The republic will stand the test of time, if we as individuals remember our divine purpose and strive to personally exemplify the principles of freedom. Individuals have this power, not governments. 

Person to person, we will move forward in the grand experiment of liberty, justice, and the American way.

Never forget where the nation started, and the future will be as bright as the citizens of the republic allow it to be.

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