Kyle's Corner

New Beginnings

I’m excited to be in Olney and to be the new Editor at The Olney Enterprise. The opportunity to take the reigns of the news cycle and the entire process is a thrill, and a challenge that I look forward to and know I will enjoy.

Community newspapers are thriving and Olney is a great community that deserves solid local coverage. It is my goal to move to Olney as soon as possible, and to be on hand to cover the things that matter to the community.  Community journalism is successful because the larger outlets generally don’t provide large amounts of coverage about local communities and small towns.

Growing up in North Fort Worth, I always wanted to get out of the city and be involved in a community where I wasn’t lost in the crowd or just another face. The quiet and simplicity of small town life are attractive to people, like myself, who are looking to just live life with as much peace as possible.

Small town journalism can also be very genuine, and usually operates without the frills or motivations of big city dailies. To me, reporting the facts, telling the local stories and letting the community decide what they want to do with that information is the way journalism ideally should be. My goal is to provide the town with the newspaper that it wants and deserves. The community should always have input on the product, and I will have an open door policy at the office to ensure that communication is open with members of the community. The important thing is that everyone is informed, and that the stories are relevant to the populace of Olney and the surrounding area.

I’m an avid sports guy, and with a background in sports, I believe sports provide a great outlet to bring communities together. Stories of the human spirit are found in sports and life and provide a great deal of perspective and help us realize our place.

 I little background about me- I’m a big baseball fan. I root for the Texas Rangers and Kansas City Royals. I also love college football. I pull for Texas Tech and BYU in college. I’m also a Dallas Mavericks fan, a Kansas City Chiefs fan and a Dallas Cowboys fan.

I have a huge passion for the outdoors. I enjoy fishing, camping, barbecuing, and spending as much time outside as possible. I also enjoy Texas/red dirt music and relaxing with family.

I’m enthusiastic about the opportunity to be in Olney and I’m excited for the chance to serve the community and be the best journalist I can be.

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