The Importance of Sharing Your Opinion

I enjoy walking down the streets in Olney while taking in the waves and the finger shaking, too. I enjoy conversing with fellow shoppers at Stewart’s Food Store who hold me accountable to the articles I write. I love the visitors who drop in on me at the office to share ideas and opinions about the “paper” last week.

I hear many great ideas that are never put into action. Complaints about a better town without action is futile. Consider attending council and club meetings to get involved. We post all meeting dates in every issue of Olney Enterprise. If you’d like us to publish your meeting dates, please email the information to

I know I am still considered to be a “newbie” in this community. I heard it might take at least five years to be fully accepted as an Olneyite. Although I am a newcomer, I have a voice and so do you. Let your voice be heard. Your ideas matter. Your stories are intriguing. Your contributions to Olney are inspirational. Together we can build a better Olney, a stronger Olney. It starts with you.

I appreciate everyone who has contributed to Olney Enterprise. We have space limitations, but we always try to publish your submissions. If we have not released your content for some reason, don’t stop submitting. I challenge you to make our inboxes and our mailboxes overflow with content, opinions, stories, poetry, all the things that are important to this community.

If you see something you don’t like in the town, show up at the next city council meeting. If you don’t like the service you receive from a local merchant, talk to the manager rather than discontinue doing business in town. Don’t complain without acting. Let’s work together to revitalize our town. After all, WE ARE OLNEY!

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