How to impress your overnight guests

Are you planning to host any family members or friends overnight this summer? If so, you’re in for a treat. Today, I’ll share some creative ways that will not only impress them but will take your hospitality talents to the next level! According to 1 Peter 4:9, we are admonished to “offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.” The following tips will help you achieve this feat with a smile.

Surprise Them With A Gift

Whenever I entertain guests overnight in my home, I always surprise them with a gift. Well… at this point I’m sure it’s no longer a surprise. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just a small token of appreciation. I make sure it’s propped up against the pillow sham on their bed so that they immediately see it when they walk into my guest room. This small but significant gesture not only makes them feel welcomed but appreciated for traveling to see me.

Clean Early

Avoid any last minute cleaning. It’s never too early to start! If possible, begin weeks ahead by breaking down major tasks into two-hour blocks of time. For instance, one weekend change or wash the bed linen, while complete your vacuuming during another one. By setting time limits, you won’t get burnt out at one time.

Make It A Family Affair

Need help cleaning the house before your guests arrive? Here’s a tip that may prove to be useful. Growing up, my mother had a clever way of encouraging us to complete our household chores. Every Saturday morning, after breakfast she would put on our favorite music. We would help her clean while also demonstrating some of our goofiest dance moves. Before we knew it, time had flown by and our chores were all done. By incorporating this tip on a regular basis, you too, can make your cleaning days a family affair.

Ask About Food Allergies

Why waste money on food that your visitors can’t or won’t eat? Call your expected guests several weeks ahead of time and ask about any food allergies or snack preferences.

Plan to Announce Their Visit

If your guests plan to attend church with you, contact your administrator well in advance and provide him or her with their names (our surname if it’s a family) so that they can be announced as visitors during the service.

Allow Time to Sleep In

There’s nothing worse than traveling a great distance for a visit when you’re not permitted to rest. Let your guests rest in the morning after their arrival. It’s one thing if they prefer to arise early on their own. However, it’s something entirely different if they’re exhausted but are forced to get up.

Prepare A ‘Thank You’ Goodie Bag

On the day they plan to depart, surprise them with a goodie bag of their favorite snacks. In this way, you’ll show your thanks for their visit.

No matter when your guest plan to visit, by utilizing these tips, you’ll make them feel more than welcome.

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