“And He had to pass through Samaria.”

The Lord Jesus Christ set his desires to save that which was lost. He come to bid His father’s will and to lay His life down as a ransom for many. In this historical account of Jesus’s life we see a love that abounds even to the chief of all sinners, for it is written, “He had to pass through Samaria.” The Samaritans were enemies with the Jews. They had taken the writings of Moses and twisted them to worship a God whom they had formed and fashioned in their own mind. They had rejected all the writings of the Prophets in whom God had sent into the land to prophesy about the coming Messiah, The One Who would come to bear the sins of the world. Yet Jesus would dare to tread upon this unhallowed ground that no Hebrew would ever step, destroying all racial barriers by casting His love and affection upon a woman in whom was the object of scorn in the eyes of the people.

Though we do not know her name, her story would be sealed in the annals of Biblical history and marveled at for thousands of years. She was a woman who was an outcast, rejected by society; a woman who had been divorced five times and was now living in fornication with another man. She was hated by her countrymen and looked upon as shameful, yet Jesus met her openly and publicly, confronted her in her sin with love, subdued her heart with His compassion, and breathed everlasting life into her soul. Though she was considered dead to all who were around her, yet now she is alive forever more. His illuminating Light that conquers the soul overshadowed her, casting away all of her darkness. She done the unthinkable, she left everything there at the well that evening. She ran with all of her might to the city gates where the men gathered, those who mocked and ridiculed her. She told them of the man who knew her from the foundations of the world, the One Who supernaturally knew her sins before she ever mentioned them. She told them of Jesus, the Messiah, the one who come to save the world. They began to gather one by one, the conversations were aroused, and they headed to the well where Jesus Christ set. Jesus stayed with them for several days speaking to the people and many were brought into the kingdom of God.

Saints of God, those who have been rescued by the precious blood of Jesus Christ, for just a brief moment reflect back into the archives of your memory. Remember the days you defied the commands of The Lord, when you were given over to sin with little or no conviction at all. Were you not by nature a child of wrath, seeking only to satisfy the longings of your carnal nature? Dear Christian, think for just a minute, was not the thunderbolt of God’s wrath hovering over you? Yes, it is true, you once walked upon a precipice blindfolded and was in imminent danger of hell fire. Death was all around you and you were held intact only by the sovereign pleasure of God until Jesus passed by your way, thrusting in His sickle and reaping you from the domain of darkness. So now my brethren shall your heart not be inflamed for lost souls to be harvested and to be brought to eternal life? Shall we not sail the waves of God’s mercy to every corner of our community to see that everyone hears the proclamation of Jesus Christ, crying aloud, “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever should believe in him should not perish, but have eternal life?” Run Christian run!!! Go out into the highway’s and byways, compel them all to come to Christ, cast forth the sickle of God’s word with holy boldness, for hell broadens its mouth daily. Let us not find rest until the last of God’s elect are harvested.

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