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Daniel was a man of integrity and honor. As a young man, he was taught the Holy Scriptures that was delivered to Moses from God on Mount Sinai. He was a devout follower of the God of Israel, Who is the one true God, Who by His divine power governs all of creation. Early on in Daniels life, because of the nation’s rebellion, he was swept away along with many others into Babylonian captivity. It is there that his faith in the God of Israel would be tested, as that of gold being put through the furnace of fire to melt away the dross, to bring it forth in its purest form.  

The Lord not only allowed Daniel to come under the yoke of King Nebuchadnezzar, the ruthless Babylonian king, but also Darius, the king of the Medes and Persians. It was under these trials that his conduct would be proven through courage, as one of integrity, like no other man in his generation. After The Lord allowed king Darius to conquer the Babylonian empire, Daniel’s lifestyle of excellence would be exemplified throughout all of the provinces of Persia. Daniel’s faith was unwavering when it came to his moral precepts of life; he was unmovable abounding in the grace of The Lord.  

Daniel’s lifestyle of discipline, purity, and holiness distinguished him among all the other governors of the land; he possessed an extraordinary spirit, and the king planned to appoint him over the entire kingdom. When this news reached the other governors, they raged with fury and vengeance toward Daniel and sought to have him removed, but they could not find any fault with his lifestyle.  So they sought to have Daniel not only removed but also killed and to be thrown into the lion’s den. So they conceived a plan to manipulate the king by making a law that would forbid Daniel from praying to his God for 30 days. Though they achieved their purpose by convincing the King to make such a decree, Daniel would be unyielding in his time of prayer, the Lord of heaven would intervene in Daniel’s life by closing the mouths of the lions to save him.  

Oh, Christian, may this be your greatest desire that your character would exemplify that of the Lord Jesus Christ. And that you would be a reflection of His holiness to all people. Come now saints of The Lord, sanctify Christ as Lord of your life and be done with the wicked works of the flesh. Shall you not seek with all fervency to have daily fellowship with Jesus Christ?  Is He not your Lord and Savior? Did He not hang on the cross consuming the wrath of your judgement? O Lord, conform us to your very likeness, have mercy upon us, extend your grace to our wicked hearts so that we may serve you in obedience, for You Lord alone are worthy to be praised.  

“Then these men said, “We will not find any ground of accusation against this Daniel unless we find it against him with regard to the law of his God.” Daniel 6:5 NASBS

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