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Chief Thoughts: The Importance of House Numbers on Homes in Olney

Since I have come to Olney, I have been impressed by the welcoming nature of the residents. Every citizen I get a chance to speak with says they are happy that the Olney Police Department is trying to rebuild and is trying to work with the community. I realize we have a long way to get our police department back to the professional level I know that it can be. It is not going to happen overnight, but we are getting there.

In the spirit of improving the community and logistics for first-responders, I must address the absence of house numbers on homes. As I drove around town, I couldn’t help but notice that, so few houses had house numbers either on the house or on the curb. This probably doesn’t seem very important, but have you ever thought how much of a help it would be to all firstresponders? That extra few seconds could mean the difference between life and death whether it’s the fire department, the police responding to a call, or the ambulance service trying to locate someone who is injured or someone who is having a heart attack. Visible house numbers make it a little easier to find a residence.

I am asking for your help by adding house numbers to your home as soon as possible. The cost is inexpensive, and the small cost could save you or your loved one. While it is in the Olney City Ordinances that you have a house number displayed, I would rather you try to ensure that your house number is on your home and is visible from the street.

Respectfully, Chief Conny Clay

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