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Chris Bowden

Tribute to Chris Bowden

You were smart, very talented, could fix anything, never knew a stranger. This saying fits you, “God without you I’m afraid, I’d faced too many barricades wrought with doubts and deadend streets. Ending in despair, defeats. Though the path became too steep and my step a little slow, I know you’ll take me in your keep when I have nowhere else to go.”

We were there from beginning to end, never leaving your side. True friends no matter the person you became. You had a likeable personality, that’s how I want to remember you. Happy thoughts. Rest Now! We love you.

Mom and Mike.

To all who did a celebration of his life, thanks, Todd Estridge, prayers lots of them, family, friends. There is an African saying, “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Thanks for helping me.

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