Young Entrepreneurs in Olney: Sawyer Edgington’s Lawn Care

Young Entrepreneurs in Olney: Sawyer Edgington’s Lawn Care

One summer tradition that does not fall under the category of relaxing or fun is the tradition of the summer job.

There are many reasons why young entrepreneurs decide to either get a job or start a small business on their own. Adrian Gonzalez and Sawyer Edgington are two such young entrepreneurs. Both live in Olney. When asked what Sawyer is saving for, he replied that he would like to earn enough to buy a truck when he is old enough to drive. When asked what he might tell other young entrepreneurs wanting to start a small business, Sawyer replied, “It’s not easy, but it’s worth it when you decide to do it!” Adrian commented, “I am saving this money to go to camp with the FBC Youth next month. If I have any left over, I am planning to save as vacation spending money, or just plain saving!” If you would like to hire these two hardworking young men to mow your lawn or any odd jobs, you may call 940-873-2388. Sawyer says they are a low cost lawn service and would need to see the lawn to evaluate the estimate, but did say the price usually is around $25 or $30.

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