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Young County Republicans Meeting Highlights

An impressive crowd of citizens attended the Young County Republicans meeting Tuesday, March 12, at North Central Texas College. Kyle Milam, chair of the Young County Republicans meeting, facilitated discussion topics and demonstrated how to navigate website to determine which committees legislators serve on as well as current legislative issues.

A few of the top talking points included education, property taxes, and the Right to Carry laws among other topics. Some of the attendees agreed to serve on various committees that will focus on the issues.

The March 12 meeting highlights will be published in April right after the next meeting, which will be held Tuesday, April 9, at North Central Texas College located at 928 Cherry St. in Graham.

The Feb. 12 meeting highlights extracted from the minutes submitted by Sandy Hamilton are listed below:

Thirty-two people attended the Feb. 12 meeting. Sylvia Overton opened the meeting and explained that the $313 raised at the last meeting would be used to join the Graham Chamber of Commerce and the balance would be given to Kyle Milam the Young County Republican chairman to use for the Party needs.

Representative Deon Starnes (R-District 30) was the guest speaker. Starnes serves on the State Republican Executive Committee (SREC). She explained that her job is to manage the Republican Party for District 30 between conventions. Starnes stated her top priorities are constitutional carry laws, to end taxpayer-funded lobbying, anti-abortion legislation, property tax reform, religious freedom and privacy and legislative priorities for the 15 SREC members.

Starnes also serves on the Resource Committee, The Rules Committee and the state convention Committee. She mentioned that Drew Springer attended the state convention Jan. 8. Also, in attendance was House of Representatives Speaker Dennis Bonnen, Senator Pat Fallon and Governor Greg Abbott.

Governor Abbott stressed his priorities include—according to Starnes—sustainable education fund diverted from Oil and Gas revenue, teacher pay increase, prevention of sex trafficking and expanding healthcare coverage to include reduced costs and insuring pre-existing conditions.

Starnes also commented on the priorities Senator Fallon mentioned at the convention, which includes the no bathroom bill, teacher pay increase, border security and school safety.

Starnes stated as of Feb. 12, there have been 2,058 bills filed with the Texas House and 934 filed in the Senate. Twenty-one of the bills were related to school finance, and 35 were connected to property tax. Also, Starnes mentioned that the “Sandra Bland” Act was passed as a result of a woman dying while in custody. She continued saying 339 bills were proposed on elections/fraud, on integrity, and commented on the 10 counties currently under investigation for voter fraud/ballot harvesting.

Concerning specific voter statistics in Texas, Starnes said Texas has more than 14 million registered voters that comprise 2 million legal resident noncitizens with ID and DPS licenses. She said 4 million couldn’t be found in any database.

The meeting concluded with remarks from Milam who indicated the immediate needs of the Young County Republicans. He said there is a need for county district chairs, and he encouraged attendees to get involved. Milam discussed the current age groups: 60 percent range in age between 46 and 75 years old; 4 percent are 18 to 25 years old; 9 percent are 26 to 35 years old, and 11 percent are 76 to 85 years old. Also, he said the party needs a strategy for reaching the younger generation as well as the need for precinct chairs in districts 7, 16, 20 and 24. The precinct number is located on the voter registration card.

Reach out to Young County Republicans for a copy of the detailed minutes or attend the next meeting Tuesday, April 9, at North Central Texas College located at 928 Cherry St. Graham.

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