Young County Commissioners’ Court, Feb. 10

Commissioner’s Court of Young County held a regular meeting this past Monday, February 10, 2020.

This was their first meeting of the month, beginning the meeting opening up the court to public comments, announcements and presentations…starting with YC Masonic Lodge 13th Saturday-March 14, Young County AgriLife Ag Day (YC Hay Day)-Apr. 28, and Receipt of HOT Revenue-Ingleside Rach and Wildcatter Ranch. The court then considered the Auditors Budget Amendments and the Payment of Vouchers, voting 5-0 to approve. Next on the agenda was the Treasurers Report Update on Securities Pledged and later considering extension agent Savanna Williams January Report and request for reimbursement. The court discussed a Ciera bank request for resolution, authorizing substitution and/ or withdrawal of the securities, passing with a 5-0 vote. Replacement by trade, sale, or lease of SO Patrol Vehicles was then discussed by the court, quickly approving this with a 5-0 vote as well. The court considered “Road Crossing Permits for Brazos Telephone Hutchins Road,” followed by “appoint Young County Historical Commission Members as listed”. Last up on the agenda was discussing burn restrictions and regulation of certain fireworks which was quickly passed 5-0 before adjourning.

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