Will B.

Will B.

Making Things Special Again

I have always strived to be as positive and happy as possible ever since I decided to cut negativity out of my life about 10 years ago. Part of the way I do that is by always looking for the positive, no matter if it’s a bad situation.

Everyone has been complaining about the economy and how high the cost of everything is, and I started thinking what on earth could be positive about that? Pfft! Well, it turns out there is something positive about the harder economy: It’s making things special again, whether that means eating a great steak or heading out to the movies.

When I was young, treats and trips to the movies only happened on special occasions and I kind of lost sight of that as my life improved. But higher costs mean that I’m back to going out to eat maybe once a week instead of three to five times. Then, going out to eat became normal instead of special.

I grew up pretty poor, actually below the poverty line until I was maybe 11 or 12 and there were a magical couple of years when my family was considered lower middle class. I remember it felt pretty good having more things and eating out a little more and even getting to go to the movies each weekend. I remember during our poverty years that going to McDonalds was an amazing and rare treat, a great break from government cheese, powdered milk, lots of beans and spaghetti, and sometimes nothing at all. I think the first time I got to go to the movies was when I was 9 or 10. The point is: things taken for granted meant more because they were so rarely enjoyed.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not whining about where I came from, it made me who I am today, someone who can tighten his belt and get by on scraps, if need be, though I don’t enjoy it. I wouldn’t trade my past for anyone or anything. We were poor but we had more fun growing up than anyone I knew with money. Swimming in creeks and ponds, fishing all day on lazy warm summer days and giant water fights with all the neighbors in the projects. The comfort of neighbors pulling together to make sure we all were taken care of, so many amazing memories and from that upbringing I have learned to recognize and enjoy the simple things in life. When times again have gotten tough it helped bring that back to me, that special things are what helps us get through a hard day or week.

This is Will B saying, the best things in life are free but there is nothing wrong with a juicy ribeye every now and then!