Texas Communities Group, LLC is coming to town!

Texas Communities Group, LLC is coming to town!

Olney, Texas, April 8, 2021– We are pleased to announce that the City of Olney has contracted with Texas Communities Group, LLC (TCG) in an effort to address abandoned properties and codes enforcement in our community. TCG is a municipal services company that will focus on trust properties, abandoned properties, and Code Enforcement with the goal of removing dilapidated and hazardous properties and potential fire hazards.

TCG and the City will work in partnership with the citizens of Olney to promote and maintain a safe and desirable living and working environment. We help maintain and improve the quality of the community by enforcing laws and codes targeted to solve specific problems within the community. We will be enforcing codes through vacant buildings, rubbish and debris, weeds, and junk vehicles. Our goal is to work with you, the property owner, to solve the problem.

The City and staff of TCG ask for your assistance and support as we begin the implementation of Codes Enforcement and invite any and all questions you may have. If you would like more information about this topic, please contact TCG at 806-839-2633 or email us at info@texascg.com.

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