Taste of Olney...
Taste of Olney...
Taste of Olney...

Taste of Olney...

The side dishes that accompany the savory, chile-infused Thanksgiving bird we featured last week come from Stewart family recipe cards. The stuffing was developed by Danny’s mom, and Danny created the cranberry relish recipe in his blender.

Danny used the chile-infused drippings from the roasting pan with a squeeze of lime as a light gravy. He served the turkey with oven-baked stuffing and a simple citrus-tanged cranberry sauce that provided a palate- cleansing piquancy.

Last year, our guests oohed and ahhed over the moistness and chile flavoring of the bird and gravy, the citrus notes in the gravy, and the lightness brought to the meal by the cranberry relish. The stuffing also received the highest of praise – it disappeared quickly!

The recipes make 8-10 servings and all ingredients are available at Stewart’s Food Store.

Happy Turkey Day!

Cranberry relish: Ingredients:

1 bag (12 oz) fresh cranberries Half an orange with peel 1 cup sugar Ginger, 2-inch piece, peeled 4 oz pecans Preparation: Step 1: Place all ingredients in blender and mix on high speed until it reaches consistency of relish.

Step 2: Chill in the refrigerator and serve.

Stuffing: Ingredients:

1- 8-in. x 8 in. pan of cornbread from mix 2 pkg Cornkits, prepared 1 box cornbread stuffing (Mrs. Cubbison’s, Pepperidge Farms or similar) 3 boxes chicken broth (96 oz total) 1 stick butter 1 tbsp rubbed sage 1 tsp ground thyme 1 can cream of chicken soup

Preparation: Step 1: Let the cornbread dry for a day or two, or place in oven on low heat to dry for about an hour or until crusty and dry. Crumble cornbread into large bowl.

Step 2: Mix in large bowl with other ingredients.

Step 3: Spread in greased or well-sprayed (with cooking spray) baking dish and bake at 400 F for 45 minutes.