• Ribbon-Cutting for Branum Law Firm

Ribbon-Cutting for Branum Law Firm

The newest business to move into Olney, Texas and to join the Olney Chamber of Commerce is the Branum Law Firm.

Dan Branum moved his practice from Dallas to both escape the hustle and bustle of the big city and to get back to a better way of living which can only be obtained through small town country living. After finding a charming farm, the Lunsford farm in particular, the plan to move was officially underway. Branum’s grandparents were farmers, so the idea of buying and working a farm is not new to Branum.

Branum is a family man with four children and a loving wife. Having a farm will give them plenty of country activities to bond over as well as keep them quite busy. Olney has a rich history of wild life which is a central hub for a lot of hunters.

Summer Branum, Dan’s wife and Dan both attended the University of Austin to obtain their law degrees. Plans in the future might have Summer join Dan at the law firm to help with the work load.

When asked about what Mr. Branum specializes in, he had this to say, “My background is doing commercial litigation (i.e. lawsuits and trials) between large companies in many industries.  Nowadays I have an ever-broadening list of practice areas.  Every day is something new and I’m not afraid to take on new challenges.  “

For businesses or companies in town if you ever need a lawyer for anything you should always feel free to call directly.  

“If I can help I will and if I can’t I’ll probably be able to direct you to someone who can, said Branum.

For companies some of the main types of legal work Branum does includes: defending or pursuing litigation; drafting/review contracts; assisting with property purchases, leases, foreclosures, etc.; creating new entities and setting up new businesses; general advising; and just basically helping businesses solve problems and get on with doing what they do.

Branum said he can help individuals with various types of legal work such as (1) wills/estates/trusts; (2) family law issues (i.e. divorces and adoptions); (3) farm leases; (4) oil & gas issues; (5) bankruptcy; (6) civil lawsuits; and (7) auto accident and insurance claims.

To contact the Branum law offices please call (940) 564-5299, email: dan@branumpllc.com. The Branum law offices are located at 103 East Main St. Olney, Texas 76374.

Please call to schedule an appointment.

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