• Residents demanding speed limit reduction

Residents demanding speed limit reduction

The speed limit on Highway 251 S continues to be an ongoing story in the Olney Community and the surrounding area. Just as a reminder to everyone, the speed limit is currently 75 mph on this highway where several homes and businesses are located. This has impacted several members of the Olney community and others in this residential area. Residents have been repeatedly asking for a decrease in the speed limit to 55 mph for the safety of the children who live in these residential areas and on Country Club Road. This highway is considered to be the most dangerous road to travel on in the entire county by a significant margin, with children not being able to play in their yards due to the potential dangers that come with living on this highway. “If a semi-truck or any vehicle for that matter were to crash into the ditch and off the road coming into Olney, it could spell fatal danger potentially to residents and private properties,” said a local Olney Resident. Several parents have shown their out-pouring of support for this decrease in speed, including Pam Lisle and Trina Johnson. “ Yes I think it needs to be lowered,” Trina said. “Turning onto Country Club Road which is on a curve becomes dangerous with cars traveling 75 mph.” Trina has children of her own who are both in Junior High, but they are unable to ride their bikes around this road due to fear of the current speed. “ Yes it needs to be changed!” says Pam Lisle. “We live on 251 and 75 is way too fast in front of our house. My kids play in the front yard and the school bus stops at our house. Please, change it,” she added. A poll was created a few weeks ago on the Olney Enterprise Facebook page discussing this change, with almost all residents in favor, with 133 people for reducing the speed.

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