Race Ricketts to play at Olney in America, charts with second single

Race Ricketts to play at Olney in America, charts with second single

Olney will be treated to a free concert by up-and-coming country star and native son Race Ricketts at the Olney in America festival on May 29 at the Olney Country Club. Mr. Ricketts, a graduate of Olney High School, began writing country music as a freshman at the University of Oklahoma in his dorm room at The Towers, he said. He picked up his pen and guitar in earnest when stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mr. Ricketts had recently graduated from the OU’s theater program and planned on trying his luck on Broadway when the pandemic hit. He has scored two hits since releasing his first single, “940,” an anthem to Young County’s area code last fall. On Sept. 4, 2022, “940” entered 95.9 KFWR’s “The Ranch Top 12” weekly countdown at Number 12, rose to Number 10, and exited the countdown on Oct. 2, 2022. His second single, “You Don’t Deserve Writing a Song About” with Presley Hale, entered the countdown on April 9 at Number 12 and climbed steadily to Number 4 on May 21. He and his band released a third single “Texas BBQ” last month.

The Enterprise caught up with Race Ricketts at Hometown Coffee and Tea, where he was visiting with the film crew that is shooting “Rural Route Revival” about housing in Olney on May 8. Mr. Ricketts has licensed “940” to the show’s creators as the theme song.

Enterprise: Congratulations on the success of your most recent single “You Don’t Deserve Writing a Song About” with Presley Hale. What’s next on your dance card?

Race: We are steadily climbing we started at 12 and now at 6. [We’re playing] Olney in America [on May 29]. Tomorrow we’ve got to go back to Austin to record more songs and then [going] on the road. We are just trying to get in front of as many people as we can whenever we can.

Enterprise: What did you think about receiving a proclamation of appreciation from the Texas Senate for “940” and all your charity performances in Young County at the American Legion concert you did on March 3?

Race: It was strange. I was confused at first. I was unloading all my gear at the [American] Legion. Two or three people who first showed up were very fancily dressed - like overdressed for Olney. They explained that they were there from the state Senate office. I thought they just liked the music. I was so taken aback I didn’t have the right words at the time. It was such a surprise the song is about this whole area of Texas, the whole area code. It’s the surrounding towns … I get messages from all over the state [and] different states. They didn’t know where I was talking about but what the song was about, it hit home for a lot of people - not just those in our area.

Enterprise: You were also recognized for all the charity concerts you’ve done all over our county.

Race: I guess I never really thought about it like that. It was just another day on the job, another day to have fun playing music, you know? That’s always been the biggest thing for me. If we could help people, great. The biggest thing is just that I enjoy playing my songs for people who want to hear them. Regardless of the situation, [or] circumstance. It’s just a blessing to be able to do it in whatever capacity. It was awesome to see how appreciated that song is.