• Precinct Chairman Burgess and Mrs. Atchley talk 1950s politics and the 2019 Republican gala

Precinct Chairman Burgess and Mrs. Atchley talk 1950s politics and the 2019 Republican gala

The Young County Republicans are excited about the upcoming Republican gala Nov. 4. Many people have heard the buzz surrounding the gala, but many may not realize that Mrs. Katherine Atchley was one of the founding members who started the Young County Republicans in 1952. She, along with her husband Glenn Atchley and Herb and Lucille Petty held their first meeting at the Atchley Insurance office. Now, almost 70 years later, the old and the new reunite with the common goal to strengthen Young County Republicans.  

Mrs. Atchley met with Lane Burgess, the newly appointed Young County Chairman for Precinct 24, to give him a check in support of the Republican party since she is unable to attend the upcoming gala.

The Republican gala in the Barclay room at Young County Arena in Graham, Texas. The event will begin at 7 p.m. and includes dinner featuring keynote speaker Lt. Col. Allen West, a retired U.S. Representative and Fox News contributor. Other special guests include U.S. Representative Jodey Arrington, State Senator Pat Fallon, State Representative Drew Springer and James Dickey, the chairman of the Republican Party of Texas. Contact Lane Burgess at 817-454-8130 if you’re interested in purchasing tickets.

Burgess said he is excited about the gala that raises funds to assist with the upcoming elections, locally and nationally. “Although the Republican Party is the majority in Texas, these funds can be used to support the people who are up for reelection,” Burgess said.  

Young County Republicans Chair Kyle Milam said Burgess was appointed to fill the vacancy for Precinct 24 and is doing an outstanding job for Olney and Young County.  

“The county chairman asked me to fill the vacancy for Precinct 24, and now I’m listed on the local ballot so people can vote for me as Precinct Chairman 24 in the next election, Burgess said. He continued to discuss his immediate goals in his new role. “My goals are to get people motivated and let them know that we are available to talk about the Republican Party and explain how we measure up to the other parties. We also want to register people who are not registered to vote. There are at least a million voters that are registered but don’t get out to vote. We want to get those people motivated, too. I believe they don’t vote because of a loss of interest, or they are just frustrated with U.S. politics.”

Burgess has lived in Young County all his life, raised in South Bend, Texas, and residing in Olney for 36 years. He has been married to his wife Pat for 35 years, and they have one daughter, Jamie Kulhanek and two grandchildren, Olivia and Peyton. Burgess’ extensive background in farming, ranching, oil and gas will help him connect with many of the Young County constituents.  

“Since summer is over, the Young County Republicans will be holding some of their meetings in Olney hoping to attract some of the Olney conservatives to attend the meetings and get involved. We also want to get the younger people involved in the process also,” Burgess said.  

When asked why he is becoming so active in politics now, he said there are not enough foot soldiers helping the campaign. He said you could donate money or donate time by volunteering with grassroots efforts such as putting up campaign signs or assisting with voter registration.  

“Our liberties are being taken away every day, and we don’t realize how much we have lost already. This country was founded on freedom. Since the 1700s, a lot of men and women have died to keep this country free. We need to become more active with politics to protect our freedom,” Burgess said.  

Burgess is encouraging everyone to start their journey back into politics by attending the gala Nov. 4. He said he is most excited to hear Lt. Col Allen speak. “He has always been an honest and straightforward man. I know several people who follow him on social media, and they always rave about his accuracy and knowledge about general issues and the political climate,” Burgess said.  

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