Poll: Should Olney Hospital cut obstetrics?

“It’s a sad day. I understand the financial piece but it is such a draw for people to come from the surrounding areas.”

- Terra Krajca “I want to know the full story.”

- Tori Wales. “Hamilton Hospital is the only hospital with this service in Young County.”

- Lydia Sallee “Maybe they can bring it back once the new hospital is up and running.”

- Becky Pearson Brewer “I think it would be really sad if no one else could be born in Olney, Texas.”

- Terry Horry “Yes the OB department is a much needed thing! Unless you go to Jacksboro or Mineral Wells. Wish they could bring it back to Graham!”

- Camela Ann Montoya “I have faith in our hospital board that they will make the best decision possible for the hospital.” - Clint Neal “I think it’s wonderful

but might tell the full reason.” - Kandace Snody Nash “That would leave a huge void in the entire county, what’s the point of having a new hospital that offers less services?”

- Teresa Ward “Sounds like we don’t need to spend the taxpayers’ money on a new hospital.”

-JoeBob Whitaker “It’s such a need in our community.”

- Denise Pisoni Harmon