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Olney Junior High showcases results from the first virtual meet

Olney Junior High is excited to showcase our students’ results in their first virtual meet! These talented students competed against hundreds of students in each event in class 2A, and we are pleased with their first run out of the gate. We look forward to improving for our district meet in December!

 1st Place Calculator Team: 1st- Ellie Hinson, 2nd- Florivonne Hernandez,4th- Joselyn Marquez,5th- Desiree Englishbee,7th- Aidyn Bitne, 9th- Angel Alvarado.1st Place 6th Grade Dictionary Skills Team:1st- Katelynn Bailey,4th- Morgan Simmons,8th- Sawyer Edgington.2nd Place 7th/8th Dictionary Skills Team: 5th- Dominic Bedford, 7th- Desiree Englishbee, 8th- Kadence Rodgers, 8th- Angel Alvarado1st Place 6th Grade: Listening Skills Team: 2nd- Nick Palacios, 3rd- Cayson Hope.1st Place 7th/8th Listening Skills Team:1st- Taylor Robinson, 2nd- Jolie Widner, 3rd- Caleb Thomison 3rd- Peyton Valdez, 5th- Colin Mason,5th- Brodie Hagle,5th- Alyssa Montgomery,8th- Josie Gentry, 8th- Mallory Jeske

Hert.1st Place 6th Grade Maps, Graphs, and Charts Team:1st- Katelynn Bailey, 3rd- Caden Lane,6th- Sawyer Edgington1st Place 7th/8th Maps, Graphs, and Charts Team:2nd- Angel Alvarado, 3rd- Keegan Barnhardt, 7th- Aidyn Bitner, 9th- Brianna Galindo,10th- Gatlin Guy

 1st Place Math Team:1st- Angel Alvarado, 3rd- Desiree Englishbee, 5th- Gatlin Guy, 5th- Peyton Valdez, 7th- Caleb Johnson, 10th- Ellie Hinson, 10th- Aidyn Bitner1st Place 6th Grade Number Sense Team: 2nd- Katelynn Bailey, 5th- Morgan Simmons, 10th- Adrian Gonzalez.2nd Place 7th/8th Number Sense Team: 2nd- Angel Alvarado, 3rd- Aidyn Bitner, 5th- Caleb Johnson, 7th- Florivonne Hernandez, 7th- Joselyn Marquez4th Place Science I Team: 5th- Tori Shelton, 8th- Taylor Robinson1st Place Science II Team: 2nd- Peyton Valdez, 6th- Emma Kirby, 9th- Caleb Thompson, 10th- Kadence Rodgers 2nd Place 6th Grade Social Studies Team: 1st- Kaden McClendon, 6th- Sawyer Edgington, 8th- Jason Graham, 9th- Catie Bond, 10th- Nick Palacios.2nd Place 7th/8th Social Studies Team: 4th- Lexi Paul, 6th- Chloe Apolito, 9th- Ben Norris.2nd Place 6th Grade Spelling Team: 3rd- Sierra Snow, 7th- Morgan Simmons, 8th- Peyton Bedford.1st Place 7th/8th Spelling Team:1st- Kadence Rodgers,3rd- Lindsay Piedra, 5th- Ben Norris.

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