Olney ISD’s Greg Roach thanks community

I want to express how thankful I am for our entire community, staff, students, and parents for their patience and help as we completed our first week of school. We appreciate everyone’s continuing support as we iron the kinks out of daily operations and remote learning. The district’s intent is to do everything possible to keep our students safe and keep the doors open.

Many difficult decisions were made to get school started and more will come to keep the doors safely open. It is an adjustment for us all to adhere to the health guidelines. Moving to cashless ticketing for extracurricular activities, adjusting seating capacities in gyms and the stadium, wearing masks, enhanced cleaning, cafeteria operation, and student drop off and pick up changes are just a few of the items that we are learning to deal with.

As we navigate this 2020-2021 school year it is critical that our remote learners realize that we are engaged in real school. It will take some time for the level of proficiency we seek with remote operation but the level is coming. We ask that parents encourage their children to stay current with instructional requirements just as they would if they were face to face.

A final note on our extracurricular activities. Every school has protocols in place. They are the best fit for their situation just as ours are. We want to make sure, when traveling, that we follow their operating procedures without question, just as we expect visitors to follow ours.

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