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Olney Cubs plunder Petrolia Pirates

The Olney Cubs plundered the Petrolia Pirates Friday, September 7, in Petrolia, TX. The Cubs proved their determination to win as they stepped it up play after play. The cheerleaders had the Cubs fans on their feet throughout the game, cheering on the players.

The first quarter began with Olney receiving the kickoff. A fumble was recovered by the Pirates. After a couple of stops by the Cubs, Petrolia fumbled the ball. Oscar Flores recovered it and ran for about 20 yards. Parker Mayers got the ball closer to the endzone on the next couple of plays, and Cesar Flores took it in for the touchdown. The rest of the first quarter included blocks by Oscar Flores, Aldo Gonzales, Adrian Tellez, Jr. Acuna, Julius Mullins and Noah Molina. The Pirates did score but missed the extra point. The score at the end of the first quarter was 7-6, with the Cubs in the lead.

The second quarter began with Petrolia in possession of the ball. Parker Mayers ran the ball 35 yards, after breaking off a face mask hold, for a touchdown early in the second quarter. This play made KFDX Channel 3’s number one spot of the Top Ten High School Plays of the Week.

The extra point was good. After some stops by Aldo Gonzales, Lance Sprague and Hector Hernandez, the Cubs got possession of the ball.

A carry by Jesus Escobedo and a pass to Tanner Hudson put the Cubs at the six-yard line and Cesar Flores took it in for another touchdown.

Stops by Julius Mullins, Tanner Hudson and Andrew Tellez kept the Pirates at bay. A long run by Cesar Flores put the Cubs on the oneyard line, where he took it in for a touchdown on the next play. An interception by Tanner Hudson gave the Cubs control again, as the first half ended with the Cubs ahead, 27-6.

At the beginning of the third quarter, Petrolia received the kick-off and scored. A pass to Oscar Flores got the Cubs a first down. Runs from Parker Mayers, Julius Mullins and Cesar Flores set up the touchdown play by Cesar Flores. Defense held Petrolia for the rest of the third quarter with the help of blocks by Oscar Flores, Tanner Hudson and Adrian Tellez. The score at the end of the third was 34-12.

In the fourth quarter, Petrolia scored early and got a two-point conversion. Some great plays by Cesar Flores, Jesus Escobedo and Antonio Tellez put the Cubs in range for another touchdown, taken in by Cesar Flores. A two-point conversion by Tanner Hudson brought the final score to 42-20, a victory for the Cubs.

The Cubs play the Electra Tigers on September 14, at Cub Stadium at 7 p.m.

Make sure to come out and support these players!