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Olney Amputee Dove Hunt only one month away

It’s that time of year again in Olney, USA. The second annual Olney Amputee Dove Hunt will be held the weekend after Labor Day, Sept. 9 and 10. The event draws amputees from all over the nation and showcases all that the community of Olney has to offer.

Many participants come to the Olney Amputee Dove Hunt as their annual vacation and many participants consider it a family reunion opportunity. The event gives amputees the opportunity to visit and network with others like them, and the event provides a weekend full of fun for all. 

The event gets started in earnest on Friday with the One-Arm Golf Scramble that gets underway at 8 a.m., at the Olney golf course. Friday’s festivities continue with dinner and a live and silent auction. Musical entertainment will also be provided on Friday night. There will also be door prizes on Friday night.

Saturday morning starts off with breakfast at the civic center from 6-8 a.m., and the announcement of the hunting locations. 

This year marks a major change for the hunt. The hunt is moving to the morning from the afternoon to hopefully increase hunting opportunities for the participants. Dove hunting will last from 8-11 a.m., lunch will follow the hunt and then the horseshoe tourney and Cow Chip Chunkin’ Contest will be held in the afternoon. The trap shoot will be held at 2 p.m.

An activity will also be provided for the men and women who do not hunt. Last year they did a painting class. This year, they will do painting again but it will be something totally different, the organizers Jan Williams and Janell Hubbard said.

The food menu has been changed up for this year, also. The meals are open to everyone. They are going to do Catfish and trimmings on Friday night in lieu of hamburgers this year. They are also going to do breakfast and unch Saturday. Lunch will be fajitas.

“We are trying to change it up. We do sandwiches for lunch on Friday because some of them are just getting into town. They do eat well,” Hubbard said. 

The event is payed for through the auctions and donations. The raffle this year will be $1 a ticket and a Henry Big Boy Classic .357 will given away. 

Williams and Hubbard spent some time this past weekend at the Wichita Falls Gun and Knife Show promoting the event. They are expecting a great crowd for 2016 and have already seen a large amount of pre-registrations.

People from all over the United States regularly attend the Olney Amputee Dove Hunt. People from Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Florida and many other places regularly attend. Children are also involved and the events are for all ages. 

The organizers said that the townspeople and businesses all help pitch in and the event is really for the community and amputees.

“School organizations that need community hours come help out and serve. It is a community event,” Hubbard said. “We just happen to be the coordinators, but it takes the whole town to put it on. It is a family oriented get together. It’s like a big family reunion.”

The motto for the Olney Amputee Dove Hunt is “A small town supporting a great community.” The organizers hope that the event always fulfills that promise.

For those who have never been to the hunt, Hubbard believes it is a “Life changing experience, from either perspective. Whether you are an amputee or a spectator, it basically will change your outlook,” she said.

The event started with arm amputees and has evolved to include leg amputees and everyone else. 

“When a new amputee comes for the first time, they act like they have been coming for years. That’s how well they have been received,” Hubbard said. “The others get around them and want to know all about them. Like she said, once you come you keep coming back.”

The Olney Amputee Dove Hunt welcomes the entire community to come out. It doesn’t cost anyone and it all operates strictly on donations. Everyone is encouraged to come out on Friday night, Williams said.

“Come and experience it and you will be changed and you will be back,” Williams said. “It touches me beyond anything I have experienced, to get to do something for them. That’s why I do it. To honor those.”

Those interested in donating to help the event can reach out to the events organizers Jan Williams and Janell Hubbard. Registration is underway now, as well. 

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