OISD examines new bus routes

OLNEY—  With overcrowding a concern, the Olney School Board may consider altering its bus routes.

The board did not approve any official changes during its meeting earlier this month, but Superintendent Greg Roach believes overcrowding could become an issue if not addressed soon.

“We had to rework the routes just to get us through this year,” Roach said. “I want to make a policy change on it as far as rider eligibility. I want to take a look at it. We believe we absolutely have to have this, especially when the weather starts getting cold.”

Roach believes streamlining the districts’ bus routes is the best way to go, with school officials stating during the meeting that some buses may have 10 students while others have significantly more, along with backpacks and band instruments. Although seeking to streamline the routes, Roach added that in no way does this mean eliminating its current routes.

“Right now, we go up to the in-town stops and whoever is there gets on,” Roach said. “We’ve run into some issues with overcrowding and we cannot have students standing up on buses.”

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