OISD Board Briefs

The Olney ISD Board of Trustees in April reported enrollment at 711 with an average daily attendance through March 31 of 646 students. At its April 22 meeting, the Board discussed providing free meals to all students in the 2024-25 school year. OISD Superintendent Dr. Greg Roach and Chief Operating Officer Tim Orsak provided details of the 2024-25 Community Eligibility Provision Report pertaining to free meals.

Dr. Roach reported that the high school gym floor resurfacing was almost completed, and that the District received delivery of the first of two multi-function school activity buses.

The Board also discussed its bereavement leave policy, and approved new bylaws for the Olney Community Library and Arts Center.

The Board approved changing Jessica Hoffman from an 11-month contract to a 10 month probationary contract at her request as recommended by Dr. Roach, and approving Allison Oliver and Jaci Kimbro each for a 10-month probationary contracts, subject to assignment, as recommended by Dr. Roach. The board approved Jennifer Symank for a 10-month term contract, subject to assignment, as recommended by Dr. Roach and Mr. Berngen.

The board set its next regular meeting for Tuesday, May 28.