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OHS math, science teams 2nd at State

Olney High School math and science students traveled to San Antonio last weekend to compete in the Texas Math and Science Coaches Association [TMSCA] contest, capturing second-place overall Sweepstakes and two Top Gun awards.

The State Meet took place at the University of Texas at San Antonio on March 23, and awarded prizes to the top math and science teams in four contests: Number Sense, a 10-minute, 80-question mental math test; Calculator Applications includes calculations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, roots, powers, exponential, logarithms, trigonometric functions and inverse trigonometric functions.; Mathematics, testing knowledge and understand of algebra I and II, geometry, trigonometry, math analysis, analytic geometry, pre-calculus and elementary calculus.

The Science test challenges students in biology, chemistry, and physics.

OHS results are as follows: Number Sense: 4th Place Team (Aidyn Bitner, Peyton Valdez, Sophie Roach, Angel Alvarado) Peyton Valdez: 6th Place 12th grade Aidyn Bitner: 2nd Place 11th grade Sophie Roach: 1st Place 9th grade Foster Sullivan: 5th Place 9th grade

Calculator: 6th Place Team (Aidyn Bitner, Jeffry Flores, Caleb Johnson, Braelyn Casteel) Aidyn Bitner: 3rd Place, 11th grade Jeffry Flores: 5th Place, 10th grade Braelyn Casteel: 2nd Place, 9th grade Sophie Roach: 4th Place, 9th grade

Mathematics: 3rd Place Team (Aidyn Bitner, Angel Alvarado, Peyton Valdez, Adrian Gonzalez) Angel Alvarado: 3rd Place, 12th grade Peyton Valdez: 6th Place, 12th grade Aidyn Bitner: 2nd Place, 11th grade Adrian Gonzalez: 1st Place, 10th grade Sophie Roach: 2nd Place, 9th grade Darla Castillo: 3rd Place, 9th grade Foster Sullivan: 6th Place, 9th grade tie

Science: 4th Place Team (Peyton Valdez, Aidyn Bitner, Rodolfo Arce, Darla Castillo) Peyton Valdez: 5th Place, 12th grade Aidyn Bitner: 4th Place, 11th grade Darla Castillo: 5th Place, 9th grade Sophie Roach and Colby Johnson: 6th Place, 9th grade tie TOP GUN 9TH GRADE: Sophie Roach TOP GUN 11TH GRADE: Aidyn Bitner 3RD PLACE OVERALL 12TH GRADE (Scholarship Recipient): Peyton Valdez

5TH PLACE OVERALL 12TH GRADE (Scholarship Recipient): Angel Alvarado