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OHJ students excel at UIL Virtual Meet

The Olney Junior High School students recently participated in another UIL Virtual Meet, where they competed with students from all across the state of Texas, from Division 1A to 6A. The following results indicate their performance in the 2A division.

Summary of Second Virtual Meet - Class 2A, top Olney Scorers in the Top 10 from each subject:


3rd Overall Team (Grades 4-8)

- 6th grade: 1st: Aidyn Bitner, 4th: Caleb Johnson - 7th grade: 4th: Ellie Hinson, 5th: Allie Barrington, 6th: Florivonne Hernandez, 7th: Desiree Englishbee, 10th: Angel Alvarado - 8th grade: 2nd: Cooper Lane, 6th: Jennifer Martinez

Dictionary Skills

2nd Overall Team (Grade 6)

- 3rd: Joseph McGeehon, 5th: Caleb Johnson, 9th: Aidyn Bitner

4th Overall Team (Grades 7 & 8)

- 7th grade: 2nd: Jordan Jacoba, 3rd: Mallory Jeske, 10th: Carmen Wilton and Allison House - 8th grade: 5th: Hallie Cuba, 7th: Richard Walp

Listening Skills

4th Overall Team (Grade 6)

- 4th: Leland Wimberly

1st Overall Team (Grades 7 & 8)

- 7th grade: 1st: Peyton Valdez, 2nd: Jordan Jacoba, 3rd: Noah Enriquez - 8th grade: 2nd: Adelade Edgington, 3rd: Jennifer Martinez, 6th: Richard Walp and Ashton Burns

Maps, Graphs and Charts

1st Overall Team (Grade 6)

- 1st: Hayden Robinson, 2nd: Aidyn Bitner, 7th: Joselyn Marquez and Seth Nash

1st Overall Team (Grades 7 & 8)

- 7th grade: 2nd: Ellie Hinson, 5th: Lexi Paul - 8th grade: 1st: Jennifer Martinez, 3rd: Hallie Cuba, 4th: Adelade Edgington


3rd Overall Team (Grades 4 -8)

- 6th grade: 2nd: Aidyn Bitner, 8th: Joselyn Marquez - 7th grade: 1st: Peyton Valdez, 6th: Angel Alvarado - 8th grade: 7th: Jennifer Martinez, 8th: Richard Walp

Number Sense

1st Overall Team (Grades 4-6)

- 6th grade: 1st: Caleb Johnson, 2nd: Aidyn Bitner, 3rd: Joseph McGeehon, 4th: Joseyln Marquez, 8th: Cameron Toney

3rd Overall Team (Grades 7 & 8)

- 7th grade: 4th: Peyton Valdez, 5th: Desiree Englishbee, 7th: Angel Alvarado, 9th: Florivonne Hernandez - 8th grade: 8th: Tavon Scrogum, 9th: Jennifer Martinez, 19th: Tavon Scrogum

Science I

5th Overall Team

- 8th: Gatlin Guy

Science II

8th Overall Team

Social Studies

5th Overall Team (Grades 5 & 6)

- 6th grade: 4th: Aidyn Bitner

4th Overall Team (Grades 7 & 8)

- 7th grade: 1st: Ellie Hinson, 3rd: Allee Barrington, Peyton Valdez, 7th: Mallory Jeske - 8th grade: 9th: Jennifer Martinez, 10th: Adelade Edgington


3rd Overall Team (Grades 5 & 6)

- 6th grade: 3rd: Ben Noris, 7th: Katey Gilmore 1st Overall Team (Grades 7 & 8) - 7th grade: 1st: Lindsy Piedra, 5th: Kaleb Oates, 6th: Gatlin Guy - 8th grade: 3rd: Richard Walp, 4th: Peyton Elliott, 5th: Jennifer Martinez, 8th: Adelade Edgington, 9th: Hallie Cuba

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