Munoz Challenges City Council on TABC Rules

Munoz Challenges City Council on TABC Rules

Olney resident Oscar Munoz appeared before Olney City Council and Mayor Rue Rogers Monday, Feb. 8, to ask the Council to reconsider its decision to ban alcohol sales within 1000 feet of Olney ISD schools.

After Mayor Rogers established that Munoz owns a home within Olney’s city limits, the Council allowed him to move forward with his petition.

“The last time I was in here, I was thanking you for allowing me to exercise my constitutional rights. And here I stand before you, broken and sad that you guys violated my constitutional right. You guys suddenly became anti-American anti-business. Our forefathers did this and made this so that we, the people, could vote. We voted [for alcohol sales in Olney], but you guys changed it,” Munoz said. “And my question to the city is, how did this law enact so fast?”

Munoz was implying alleged corruption among the Council by continuing with a series of questions to the members. Mayor Rogers, on the other hand, said he disagrees with the allegation.

“We believe it is in the best interest of the community to create a safe environment for [children] coming to and from school,” Mayor Rogers said about the Council’s decision to ban alcohol sales within 1,000 feet of Olney’s schools.

According to the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC), cities are authorized to pass 300-ft. alcohol-free zones around schools with an exception to extend the distance to 1,000 ft. in cities with a population of 900,000 or greater.

Considering the Council’s decision to mandate the 1,000 ft. rule, Munoz believes the decision is not right and calls Gov. Greg Abbott to action.

“I’m asking Gov. Greg Abbott to come and do a thorough investigation of the City’s political practices to see if there’s any personal businesses or entities manipulating the decisions,” Munoz touted to the Council.

Munoz said he plans to show up at every meeting until the Council meets his demand.

“I will refuse to stay quiet while you guys violate my constitutional right, my God-given American right. I believe that justice will prevail through the clouds of corruption,” Munoz said to the Council members.

Mayor Rogers said, “We don’t believe that a liquor store being built between a 1,000 ft. zone of a school is best for the City of Olney.”

Although many residents have sided with the Council’s decision, the town remains divided on the issue. Please share your thoughts with us on Facebook/Olney Enterprise, and check our website for updates on this article.

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