Meeting Highlights Young County Commissioners Court

Monday, June 10, Commissioners Court was called to order. The highlights from the meeting are as follows:


Discussion on a tax abatement agreement between Young County and Belltown Stephens solar, LLC, not related to the wind farms. After a short discussion, the commissioners voted 5-0 to pass the agreement. Belltown will be making an annual contribution to local volunteer Fire Departments.


With the recent passage of HB 354 giving some power to let the counties decide on allowing routine office expenditures to be paid without holding a meeting to approve them. After some discussion on the amounts needed to pay such expenses as the utilities for the county along with minor purchases for office supplies, the court approved $25,000 for utilities and $5,000 for office supplies--helping to streamline the paying of utilities and purchasing office supplies without the need to schedule commissioners court. After the discussion, the court approved the passage with a vote of 5-0.


Sheriff Travis Babcock presented the jail report and sheriff’s office activities. He stated that K-9 was deployed eight times with four arrests, with 4,400 citations for drug paraphernalia. Babcock’s determination to root out drug offenses in Young County is yielding results with 60 inmates booked in county jail as of the day of commissioner’s court with no juveniles detained. Babcock commented on the new sensors installed in the jail stating that the sensors are making a big difference in regard to keeping the jail’s temperatures under control and saving more tax dollars.


The commissioners voted 5-0 to approve employee bonds for Rebecca Reagan, the mapping coordinator for Young County 911 and Jay Faulk, the Juvenile probation officer for Young County.


The ongoing sale of the three county vehicles that have been up for sale came across the court for discussion again. After placing ads as far away as Fort Worth only one sealed bid was sent in. After reading the low-ball bid of $500, the court voted 5-0 to turn down the bid and opted to place the three Tahoes back on as it would not cost anything and save tax dollars. The minimum was lowered in an attempt to obtain more bids.

All the meeting minutes that are approved by the court along with the court video archives are posted on the website:

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