Looking Back

100 Years

February 13, 1919

The Spreading Influenza

The nation seems again to face a widespread plague. Reports of influenza pour in, and cities all over the country keep daily toll of the dead. Once again we hear of general quarantines, with schools closed, churches suspended and gatherings prohibited. The people rush to buy “cures” that are advertised to save their lives. Insurance agents call to your mind the deadliness of the disease, and the ease of receiving pay while you are sick.

That the disease is serious cannot be doubted. That it will be as fatal as last year is to be doubted. People can afford to be careful, but there is no necessity for general panic. To catch the influenza is not a warrant of death, and the best state of mind to prevent fatality is to be calm. Of course, you may die if you have influenza, but you may be killed tomorrow by an accident. Live is fleeting at best, and while a disease like influenza is to be respected for its deadly power, the race of man should not cringe before it in panic.

The doctors and health officials are doing all they can to take care of the situation. Individuals can be careful with themselves and avoid exposure. An ounce of prevention is still worth a pound of cure.

50 years

February 13, 1969

School Trustees Adopt Dangerous Drug Policy

Olney Independent School trustees called a trustee election, established a dangerous drug policy for the school and renewed the contracts of the three principals during thei monthly meeting Monday evening.

The annual election was called for Saturday, April 5 with the filing deadline set for March 6 at 4:30 p.m. in the Tax Office. Absentee voting will begin March 17 and end April 1 also in the Tax Office.

Two positions will be filled by the election. The terms of R. E. Goodloe and R. E. Wesley. Jr., expire this year. Wesley has filed for reelection by Goodloe indicated that he was not decided.

Charles Mitchell, superintendent, presented the dangerous drug policy to the board pointing out that no problem currently exists in the Olney system, but that policy was necessary in the event a problem should arise.

The policy adopted by the board reads:

“Any student known to have a dangerous drug or narcotic drug in his possession, or known to be under the influence thereof, while in school or while participating in a school sponsored function, after due notice to the violator and after hearing before the Board of Trustees and if found guilty, the student may be expelled for the balance of the semester and no credits be given to the student for the semester.

Any student who shall have been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony for the possession, use or sale of a dangerous drug or narcotic drug while outside the school, may be expelled by the Board of Trustees for the current semester, and no credit given to the student for the semester.”

Contracts of principals Harlen Lowe, high school, Scott Whitaker, junior high, and R. W. Sneed, elementary, were extended one year, giving them two-year contracts.

In other action Monday, the trustees set the date for the beginning of the 1969-70 school year. Classes will begin Tuesday, Sept. 2. Approval was also given to a three year insurance policy on the boys gymnasium.

Mitchell reported a total of 61 beginning students were counted during the annual census. He said this was more than last year at this time when only 53 were counted.

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