Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

As the owner of The Pipeliner Inn, I am requesting that all candidates running for City Council and Mayor in the upcoming May 4 election repeal the water surcharge.

This $35-per-month, per-tap surcharge costs my business $1,470 per month just to have water at the motel.

It is a very heavy burden financially to my business and other hospitality businesses in the City.

The surcharge costs my business more than property tax and insurance combined. It is not affordable and it is not wrong to repeal it.

It is morally wrong to say that forcing hospitality businesses to shoulder the costs of the new water treatment plant. The Council has said, ‘It is part of doing business” or “The law allows us to do it.”

Citizens of Olney, I can talk all day about these charges and I need your kind support in this matter.

Please vote for candidates who want to help in this matter in the upcoming city election.

Thank you, A.D. Patel Owner of The Pipeliner Inn and candidate for Mayor of Olney