House of Mercy hosts BINGO fundraiser

House of Mercy hosts BINGO fundraiser

After a successful bingo fundraiser the House of Mercy Enterprises [H.O.M.E.] decided to host another bingo night at the Olney Civic Center. Residents of Olney and surrounding communities filled the Olney Civic Center to capacity to participate in another successful HOME fundraiser.

Kim Smith, assistant director for the House of Mercy, has been a big part of making community projects and fundraisers successful. “All proceeds will go towards the House of Mercy and our residential program,” she said. “We’re trying to create a community event for everybody to enjoy. Ms. Smith explained that donations go toward developing House of Mercy programs, since H.O.M.E. does not receive state or federal funding. “This will help fund one of our resident’s self-support, to make their way through the program so that takes care of their food, their shelter, the programming, everything it takes,” she said. Olney Police Chief Dan Birbeck serves as president of H.O.M.E. ‘s board of directors. He urged people to come out and support the facility. “The bingo night is a good way to come out and supportr this charitable organization,” Chief Birbeck said. “The critical mission they have is helping people that are in recovery, get them on the path to recovery and support them all the way through the recovery. It’s hard for H.O.M.E. to raise funds, so they’re looking for different revenue streams to be able to support and expand the program,” he said.

Chief Birbeck said that if the bingo nights prove successful, the House of Mercy may consider holding monthly or bi-weekly bingo nights.

For more information and how you can help please visit the HOME website at

Some of the goals of HOME are: teach the gospel, strengthen the community, rebuild families and support the local churches.

HOME helps those struggling with addiction overcome addiction through the teaching of Jesus Christ as well as with a routine daily schedule.