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The House of Mercy Blessed and a Blessing

Michael Grothe

Michael Grothe is a Level 4 resident at the House of Mercy Enterprises (H.O.M.E.). He said he plans to get married after completing the program. However, before he started the program, he was suicidal, but the House of Mercy has given him a reason to live, and the House of Mercy has changed his life by teaching him the truth of God’s Word.

“I came to the House of Mercy after leaving Red River. I did not want to live anymore. When I first came to the House of Mercy, I was dependent on meds. I was on at least 20 different meds and still not wanting to live. As I went to more classes and talking to Preston, I realized I had a reason to live, so I started depending on God instead of the meds. Now, I am currently only on two meds. This is all due to God and the House of Mercy,” Grothe said.

The House of Mercy is a Christ-centered nonprofit organization operating as a temporary residential facility that bridges the gap between society and disadvantaged individuals who are impacted by homelessness, abuse, and poverty.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the services offered by the House of Mercy, please call 940-564-3339. You can learn more by visiting the website at www.HouseOfMercyEnterprises.org.

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