• The House of Mercy Blessed and a Blessing

The House of Mercy Blessed and a Blessing

Derel Largent

Derel Largent is a Level One resident at the House of mercy with plans to stay connected to the program and God after completion. He said his life was full of spiritual blindness, confusion and th lack of hope. when asked how the House of Mercy has changed his life, he replied, “I’m beginning to learn how to rightly divide the word of truth.”

The father of three children--ages 5, 19 and 25--reflected on his upbringing.

“I was raised mainly by one parent, my mother. I was constantly reminded that I was hated and would grow up to be just like my daddy--and his sinful nature. Later on in my early life, I was told I have a great call on my life, and would come back home one day and preach to my mother and dad. After years of confusion, caught in between the two very different statements; after maxing out my fleshly desires of drug dealing, drug using and misusing the Bible, I am now in a place in life where God is drawing me closer and closer to Him while revealing correction and right living ways to me through his Holy Spirit.”

Largent said he is finding a new peace in Christ Jesus and learning to obey his Word and to live by His Word.

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