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House of Mercy’s First Graduate

Since opening its doors on Sept. 15, 2017, many people have walked through the front door needing help. Some needed shelter for a few days and others longer; some wanted to attend classes with the hope to change their lives; a few made a serious commitment to the program. Tammy Becerra committed and is the first person to complete the yearlong Christian Development Program at House of Mercy Enterprises (H.O.M.E).

Becerra came to House of Mercy Dec. 26, 2017. The youngest daughter of hard-working parents, she grew up in a middle-class California neighborhood. While her home life wasn’t perfect, she thoughtfully recalls family cook-outs, fishing, camping and time spent outside - playing with neighborhood children. She also remembers her parents drinking, a lot. There was also abuse in her childhood home.

As Becerra grew-up, she had simple goals. She wanted to be a wife and mother. She wanted to be a home-maker and give her children a good life. She met and fell in love with her future husband at the age of 15. She raised his son, her nieces, and gave birth to a daughter. The birth of her daughter was a defining moment in her life when born premature, the baby almost died. While home life was family oriented, drinking was a common occurrence, and eventually, the couple divorced.

In November 2017, Becerra fell into a deep depression and despair over actions and choices in her life. She attempted suicide, survived, and later completed a 28-day program at Red River Hospital in Wichita Falls. While there, Tammy learned about the House of Mercy. When she left the hospital, she committed herself to the yearlong Christian development program and hadn’t looked back. “You know by all rights; I shouldn’t be alive. He [God] kept me going, He kept me alive, He has bigger plans for me, and it’s the House of Mercy.”

House of Mercy residents says Tammy is a natural nurturer, as well as a take-charge type of lady. As such, she was quickly recognized by the staff and assigned to the kitchen. Tammy began cooking and taking care of household residents. She quickly accelerated to the resident leader position for the female residents. Next, she became officially employed as the dietary manager for the House of Mercy through the Hands of Mercy Program, a subsidiary of House of Mercy that trains and develops residents for future employment.

Additionally, Tammy has completed the certified Belief Therapy® course with the Therapon Institute. Belief Therapy® training and her position in the kitchen place Tammy in a unique position to be able to share the love of Christ with the people who come through the H.O.M.E.’s doors. When asked what she tells them, she said, “Come Home! You have a home, and you’ll never be alone again. Jesus died for our sins. There is no shame. I’m blessed. I have a good family here. It’s at the House of Mercy at the end of Payne.”

Tammy feels that her time in the program has helped her rediscover her strength, compassion and self-worth. Most of all she has discovered the joy of knowing the Lord Jesus Christ.

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