• Homes of Olney with Clifton Key

Homes of Olney with Clifton Key

Mr. Clifton Key-native of Megarel--is a longterm area resident of Olney who has always had a heart for history--especially when it comes to the history of Olney and the sourrounding communities. As part of Key’s historical journey in 2020, he will present a variety of Olney homes throughout the year. The first home on Key’s list is the Stowe-Stuteville home located on FM 1768 in Olney. This house was constructed for the O.B. Stowes in 1900 in the current location—outside the city limits. You can view the entire area of Olney townsite from the front yard of this home; in 1900, the only things to view in Olney were the two churches, a school, Briscoe’s General Store and Post Office, and a few houses. Read more about this home on page. 8.

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