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The Leberman-Smith House

601 N. Avenue F., Olney, TX

Photos by Will Sadler

John A. Leberman, Sr. (1834-1913) was a native of Germany and came through Illinois and Tarrant County to get to Young County in 1882, where he settled five miles south of what would become Olney.

As early as 1908, Mr. Leberman and his son Henry Louis “H.L.” were involved in this particular section of the J. M. Bloodworth property here on N. Avenue F as this deed named Henry Louis as trustee for this property. There is no date for the house on this property, but it appears that John A. had his trustee construct the house and that H.L. may have lived on the property.

In 1907, H.L. Leberman helped organize the Olney State Bank, the first bank in Olney, and became president. Later, the bank was reorganized and became First National Bank where he became vice president and director, occupying those positions until his death. Also, he served 20 years on the school board, and served five terms as the County Commissioner.

In 1944, the Leberman heirs conveyed several properties to the relatives, and Marietta Leberman (1894- 1979) became the property owner. She was the daughter of Henry Louis Leberman (1863-1930) and Elnora Perkins (1872-1932) and had married Edward L. Killian (1892-1978).

In 1975, the Killians gave the property to their son Edward S. Killian (1916-1986).

In 1982, Edward S. Killian sold the house to David and Helen Harris. In 2007, Helen, as a widow, sold the house to Charles E. Popp, Jr., and his wife Teresa, who bought the property as a proxy for his mother-in-law Janel Smith, and she lives in the house and is the current owner.