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I looked at this photo I took of a dear friend and me. We were out in New Mexico on an art trip, and were standing and looking out at the beautiful vista. As we turned around to view another direction, I looked down at our shadow. I lifted my camera and took what I consider a unique and wonderful photo. It says ”friends.” We have friends that fill different areas of our lives. We have family friends. There are church friends, and we have friends that may go back to our school days. There are friendships that develop through business events. Friendships develop when there is a common interest…as in this photo…the love of art. What would our life be without friends? True friends support each other, and love us even when we are not so “lovable.” We overlook each other’s short comings because none of us are perfect. I have traveled across the continents, and enjoyed each trip to the fullest. But, I have to say that my yearly trips to the Texas Hill Country have been my favorites. It is hard to experience more beauty than springtime in central and southern areas of Texas. As a photographer and an artist, I have hundreds of memories in my photos and paintings of those Texas Hill Country trips with friends. Cherish your friends, life is short.