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Fallon discusses issues during local town hall

A town hall was held Wednesday, June 19, in Graham as Senator Pat Fallon (R-District 30) came to speak in the area. Fallon discussed plenty of different subjects, starting with the promises that he has kept from the campaign trail. In the Senate’s first session, 68 bills were passed, which were the most of any freshman Senator.

Starting with his voting record, he made a promise during his campaign to maintain a perfect voting attendance throughout each calendar year. A promise that was kept; with 61 Senate floor votes, Fallon was in attendance for all 61. While there were more than 3,000 votes, Fallon was there and cast his vote for every single one.

Fallon went on to discuss different bills that have recently been passed, with House Joint Resolution 38 (H.J.R.38) discussed first. H.J.R.38 is a bill about a ban of state income tax in Texas. Currently, state income tax in Texas is not banned in the Texas Constitution, but with Governor Abbott supporting this, it will be voted on in Texas in November. Senator Fallon completely endorsed this bill and had quite a bit to do with it being on the ballot in November, converting a few Democratic Senators to support it. Senator Fallon has the utmost confidence that the people of Texas will make the right decision on this issue.

Fallon then discussed Lauren’s Law. According to Fallon, “Texas law allows for capital punishment for the murder of a child under 10 years old but doesn’t include any enhanced penalty for killing a child over 10 years old. In the wake of the senseless and tragic murder of 13-year old Lauren Landavazo of Wichita Falls as she was walking home from school, we authored “Lauren’s Law” to provide for life without parole for the murder of any child between 10 and 15 years old. No parent should ever wake up in the middle of the night worried that their child’s killer is coming up for parole,” said Senator Fallon. “We are proud to play a role in making sure that anyone who murders a child will never be back on the streets.” Lauren’s parents, Vern and Bianka Landavazo, demonstrated tremendous courage, strength and commitment to share their daughter’s story through their testimony in the Senate Criminal Justice committee,” Senator Fallon continued. “They are heroes because, from their grief, they’ve dedicated their time to advocate passionately for justice on behalf of other parents whose children were taken too soon by senseless violence.”

Senator Fallon is known for his personality, leadership and passion for Texas. So far, his record supports his claim that he has done everything he promised in addition to additional benefits that were not listed on his initial legislative agenda.

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