The Dunn-Wilson House

The Dunn-Wilson House

This lot was sold to E.M. Howard in 1908 by John W. Groves, with the address as 501 W. Main. In 1910, Howard sold the lot to Rev. Charles William “C.W.” (1856-1934) and Addie (Campbell) (1879-1923) Dunn.

Rev. Dunn pastored the Olney Cumberland Presbyterian Church from 1908-1912 and again from 1916-1921. When the Olney Cumberland Presbyterian Church celebrated their centennial in 1989, they placed footstones on the former pastors graves in Olney, and Rev. Dunn is so honored. Also, his grandson’s wife, Mrs. “Boy” Anderson, and her two daughters from Albuquerque were here for the occasion. When the Dunns died, the officiating pastor of Cumberland Presbyterian was Rev. William Harbour for Mrs. Dunn in 1923 and Rev. Paul F. Brown for Rev. Dunn in 1934.

In 1924, Rev. Dunn and his three daughters—Mrs. Rhea (Abidjah) Anderson, Mrs. Laval (Ruby) Arwood and Mrs. Britt (Minnie) Rhea sold the house to William Johnathan (1863-1945) and Alice (Robinson) (1871-1946) Ragle. Mr. Ragle had outlived two previous wives—married Mary Pratt (1861-1887) in 1883 and married Willie Ann Christopher (1868-1899) in 1887. Mr. Ragle and his second wife moved from Alabama to Collin County, Texas, in 1888.

Mr. Ragle and his third wife lived in Decatur before moving to Young County, just north of Olney in 1900 and on to Olney in 1901. Mr. Ragle’s children were Myrtle (1884-1969), husband Otis Goodloe. Vista (1887-1970), husband Horace McCuistian, Exa Lee (1889-1966) married a Smith, Albert Simpson Ragle (1892-1963) married a Davis and Dixie Campbell. Ida Jane (1898-1982), husband John Davis, Iva (1898-1986) married a Dodd, Ola Mae (1901-1995), married Emmett Galloway, Claudia Lee (1905-1947), married Charles (Ed) Galloway, William Henry (1907-1974), married a female from Jean, and George J., (1909-1973). Mr. Ragle Jr. married unknown.

Mr. Ragle was a prominent farmer, and oil was discovered on his farm and the pool was named for him. He was a Mason and member of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

In 1946, the Ragle heirs sold the property to Loy Mitchell (1913-1979) and his wife Margriette (1920- 2011). Barnett and both Mitchells had use for the property—Loy as a Gulf filling station on Main and his wife for a beauty shop. The house was turned sideways, and they made it their residence with a little structure between the house and station. Loy was the Gulf consignee for Gulf and was a farmer and oil operator. The Mitchells had two sons—Ron and Don. Loy was a Mason, a member of the Olney VFD, a Lion, and a member of the Civil Air Patrol.

In 1971, Lee Roy (1914-1998) and Ethel (1916-2002) (Ballew) Hambrick became the owners. Lee Roy was from Navarro County and came to Olney in 1938 after marrying Ethel in 1934. He was owner and operator of the Fina wholesale and station and was employed by Morgan-Mistletoe Express. He and Ethel were the parents of Charles and Nelda.

In 1973, the Hambricks sold to Christopher D. Cox and his wife, Karen.

In 1997, the Coxes sold to Robert L. and Janie S. Wilson, who came here from Jacksboro. They have four children, but only the youngest, Karen Davis, lived in the house and went to school here. She works at Hamilton Hospital presently.

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