Let us look for a brief moment at the life and the heart of Nehemiah. This man’s name was pinned in Holy Scripture for all generations to read, and to be an encouragement for those who are children of The Lord. Nehemiah was an honorable trustworthy man who had gained the confidence of the King of Persia. Although he was born into exile as a slave in Persian captivity, reaping the harvest of the previous generation’s rebellion against the word of the Lord, he exemplified excellence in all that he would do. He made no excuses for his condition but proved to be a devout man of brokenness and prayer. Although his clothing appeared to be that of a mere Persian servant, on the inside, he served Yahweh, the God of his fathers. He resolved in his heart to hold fast to the moral Commandments given by Moses as an act of worship, not yielding to the idolatry by serving the Persian God’s.

Therefore, The Lord exalted him in the eyes of the King, so he had the privilege of working in the royal courts where the King lived as his cupbearer. A cupbearer was a noble office in Persia and was a high-ranking official in charge of serving the king. Nehemiah’s responsibility as a cupbearer was to serve the wine to the royal table so that no one could plot against the King and poison him. He would even taste the drinks to ensure the king’s safety. This act of service showed approval in the eyes of The King and allowed Nehemiah to exert his influence in the royal courts. But even though Nehemiah had influence in Persia and the king trusted him, his life was at risk when he was called into the presence of the King. Nehemiah was brought to a position in his life to trust solely upon the sovereignty of God. He knew that the days of his life were in The Lord’s hands in whom he served faithfully, therefore he faced each day as if it were his last.

Nehemiah faced many challenges during his life that were death defying. He could have very easily stopped where he was at saying, “I don’t deserve this, I’m tired and this is an impossible challenge.” But he didn’t, he took his thoughts captive to the obedience of The Lord to fulfill the calling The Lord had placed upon his life. He held true to the God whom he served, and like the three Hebrew children who were cast into the fire, Nehemiah did not wavier, but set his hope and trust in The Lord whether by life or by death. The Lord accomplished His task through Nehemiah. The Lord moved upon the heart of the King, and the King allowed him, with all the necessary provisions, to go on a three-month journey to Jerusalem to rebuild the walls that were torn down. He also had to replace and strengthen the gates to every entrance so that the city would be fortified and not be taken advantage of by outsiders. Nehemiah’s obedience and hard labor would prove that nothing is impossible with The Lord.

Today, may deep convictions be aroused in the heart of everyone who claims to be a follower of Jesus Christ. For the walls of truth have fallen in the hearts of the older generation, and wickedness has made its mark on the younger generation. The things that were once held as sacred truths, that are only found in The Holy Bible, are now placed upon a shelf as just another book. Spiritual darkness surrounds us at every corner, the mind has been twisted to declare that which is evil, good. The majority of the people only do what seems right in their own eyes, with no governance of Scripture, while the children suffer the consequences. The homes are broken, many children roam the streets with no accountability, many fathers have dropped their calling to be spiritual leaders in the home, if they are still there; while many mothers neglect to sacrifice their own needs for a God centered love that could lead them to Christ. There is confusion about gender identity. There is confusion about a biblical marriage between a man and a woman that is to represent Christ and the church; suicide and depression continue to increase in the youth, while pornography ravages the mind to utter ruin. Who will be like Nehemiah and dare to rebuild the walls of holiness in a day that despises it? Who will dare to trust in the living God and unsheathe the sword of truth, crying, “If you shall go to hell, you will have to leap over my body to get there?” Who will stand in the gap as a living sacrifice declaring God’s word until the walls of truth have been rebuilt?

“Now I was the cupbearer to the king.“ Nehemiah 1:11 NASBS

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