City seeks manager, lifeguards for new pool

The Olney City Council is searching for a manager and several lifeguards to run the concession stand and oversee the new city swimming pool.

At its May 13 meeting, the Council discussed progress on the new pool, which is taking shape at Tom Griffin Park.

Heavy rains delayed construction on the concession stand and restrooms, which will push back the pool’s opening until after Memorial Day weekend, Mayor Rue Rogers said.

“Is it going to be open and running this summer? Absolutely and that was the pool goal,” he told the Council.

Although the City has called for lifeguard and concession manager candidates, only one person applied to be the pool manager, City Secretary Tammy Hourigan told the Council.

Councilmembers agreed that the City will pay for the lifeguard candidates to attend water safety classes, or will ask Olney Police Sgt. Dustin Hudson, who is certified, to train the new lifeguards.

The Council discussed paying the lifeguards $10 per hour, and allowing the pool manager to determine the pool schedule and hours.

Although Council Members Ronnie Cowert and Terri Wipperman recalled that previous Councils had paid the pool manager, Mayor Rogers said the City planned to allow the new pool manager to keep the profits of the concession stand in lieu of payment.

To fund operations, the Council discussed setting aside an appropriation of $10,000 to $25,000 to pay the lifeguards and buy pool chemicals and other supplies.

“We can start looking for that [amount] and looking for a pool manager and lifeguards,” he said.

The new pool is about two-thirds the size of the 1950s-era pool that the City permanently closed in June of 2022 because of structural problems.

The new pool complex, which includes a concession stand, restrooms and a pavilion, stands at the center of Griffin Park. The Council did not set an opening day for the pool nor did they set hours -- that will be up to the pool manager, he said.

“It doesn’t necessarily have to be open seven days a week, if we have somebody who is willing to be open Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or whatever, we can be flexible,” he said.

Anyone interested in applying for pool manager or lifeguard positions should contact City Secretary Tammy Hourigan at 940-276-2011.