City Council Updates

City Council of the City of Olney, Texas held a regular meeting on Monday, Oct. 28, 2019. It was a normal meeting, with the citizen comment period with city council first on the agenda. With no comments, the council then moved to the resolution to permit city to enter the agreement to sell water outside of the city limits, this resolution was then approved unanimously by the council.

 Next up on the agenda was for the council to hear the presentation and then consider the proposal from Maguire Iron, Inc. for utility maintenance, the council decided to move past it to no. 7 on the agenda. No. 7 was to consider real estate appraiser for appraisal of airport property which was then quickly approved by the council. The council then discussed the cemetery farm lease agreement details and the advertising, deciding to have cemetery board handle the matter. The council had a discussion about the updates on roofing repairs on city facilities, while then moving on to consider the school resource officer agreement with Olney ISD.

The council considered an ordinance to amend the utility rate late fees in the ordinance from Oct. 12, 2019, then quickly moving forward to adopt the water conservation plan. The council moved forward by considering nominations to the Young Central Appraisal District Board , which then led to the public hearing about the city application for USDA—rural development community facilities grant. The last thing on the agenda was to consider assigning Nortex regional planning committee voting proxies before adjourning.

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