City Council Meeting Updates

Olney City Council held their first meeting of the month on Sept. 14. The meeting began with a citizen comment period followed by the approval of the minutes from the previous meeting on Aug. 24.

The council heard several presentations on the evening, with the first being a proposal from Falls IT concerning potential City Hall network upgrades. The council then heard a presentation from Honeywell concerning the Water Meter Project. This presentation lasted quite a while, as Honeywell discussed their plans for the future, as well as their concerns from previous years recently—notable in 2017-2018. After this discussion ended, the next item up on the agenda was for the council to interview an engineering firm for an upcoming water treatment plant project. The council considered the proposal for airport fuel provisions and operations, before moving on to discuss how they will use the Coronavirus funds that they have received.

Item number 10 on the agenda was to discuss the monthly departmental reports, followed by the budget workshop. The first item concerning the budget workshop was for the Budget Amendment for 2019-2020, followed by the 2020-2021 Budget. After the budget workshop, the council held a public hearing with two parts. The first being the amendment of FY 2019- 2020 Municipal Appropriations Budget, followed by the first reading of FY the 2020-2021 Municipal Appropriations Budget. The council has made significant progress on the budget during the past several meetings.

Item 14 was to consider the first reading ordinance amending FY 2019-2020 Municipal Appropriations Budget, then quickly moving on to the first reading ordinance for FY 2020-2021 Municipal Appropriations Budget. The council held an executive session to discuss the school resource officer position and acting from the executive session.

The meeting was adjourned after almost three hours. The next meeting will be on Monday, Sept. 28.

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