City Council’s February Meeting

City Council held its first regular meeting of the month on Monday, February, 2020. The meeting began with the council considering a proposal by Texas Communities Group for Code Enforcement Services, deciding to not make a decision on this issue for the time being, moving it to the agenda for the upcoming meeting. The council then considered the tax resale, with the council going back and forth on the issue before Rue Rogers entertained a motion that the council accept a bid of 1,050 dollars for 806 West Main Street. Major Phil Jeske carried the motion, although the vote was not completely unanimous by the council. Next up on the agenda was to consider private donation of approximately ten acres of property outside the city limits to the city of Olney. This was discussed for several minutes by the council, before moving on to no. 8 without a motion. Mayor entertained a motion to carry ordinance on first reading to amend the city bulk water rate and was then approved. The council considered the ordinance on second reading to amend limp pick-up fee structure, which was approved unanimously, followed by the ordinance on the second reading to ban burning within city limits with limited exceptions, approved as well. The council considered three separate resolutions, Appointing authorized official, financial officer, and project director for state homeland security; Regular Projects Grant, LETPA Projects Grant, Criminal Justice Program Grant, all of which were approved. The last resolution on the evening was to consider to “Appointing Authorized Signers for Contractual, Environmental Review, and State of Texas Purchase Voucher and Request for Payment Form Documents, “ also approved by the council.

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