City approves building demolition

Olney citizens may see a few more open spaces after the city council approved the demolition of dilapidated buildings.

The council unanimously approved demolishing properties at 710 N. Avenue F and 607 N. Avenue C, which Code Inspector Ron Cowart said were too far gone to rehabilitate.

The city owns both properties after seizing them due to delinquent taxes. Cowart cited a report made by County Building Inspector Brad Nance on homes at 607 N. Avenue C and 710 North Avenue F. In regards to the home on Avenue C, Nance’s report found hazardous electrical wiring, a leaking roof and severe damage to the foundation.

“If you put a bowling ball in the front door, then it would roll out the back,” Cowart said.

In regards to the home at 710 N. Avenue F, Cowart cited issues with a rotted and fallen ceiling and floors and debris and dog feces throughout the home. City Administrator Danny Parker said he received a bid on one of the homes last week, but declined to sell it.

“She went through [Perdue, Brandon, Collier, Field and Collins LLP]. They called me and it was on the list for $500,” Parker said. “They asked if I wanted to consider this bid or should they call her back and say that we would not consider any bid under $1,000. I said ‘you can call her back and tell her we are considering tearing it down next week.’ The Lady called me all out of sorts, because it’s such a great home, and I said ‘ma’am, I promise you that you would be very upset with us if we sold you that house for any amount of money.”

City officials did not discuss what they would do with the soon to be vacant lots.

The council also:

Approved creating a checking account for the Olney National Night Out program.

Heard monthly reports from attending department heads.

Discussed ownership, up-keep and maintenance of a city park building.

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